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gibson & bronzini


"With Horror Films, Gibson (and Bronzini) have succeeded in putting together a truly unique, emotionally charged record that doesn’t confine itself to one feeling or sound, spreading across a vast wealth of strings that one would be hard-pressed to find so well put together elsewhere."

“ Utterly compelling and beautiful", "This album is one of the finest things ever recorded by a bass

playing singer songwriter.
It is extraordinary”

-Steve Lawson

Oliver Arditi


        "Perfectly Judged"
 "The songs in question are           humane, perceptive                  representations of                 experience, and Gibson          inhabits the various                    characters he                         constructs with humour,

     conviction and great                        compassion."

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Gibson & Bronzini - Said No Lover - Official Music Video - by Miguel Rodrick

Gibson & Bronzini - Said No Lover - Official Music Video - by Miguel Rodrick

Winner "Best California Short" at the LA Under The Stars Film Festival From Director and Animator Miguel Rodrick The official music video for Said No Lover from the Album "Horror Films and Sunday School" by Aaron Gibson and Grammy Winner Nahuel Bronzini Connect - Get it on Vinyl or Download - Video Credits: Direction, Design & Animation - Miguel Rodrick Additional Modeling and Animation - Diego Escobar & Wilver Rivera Music Credit: Aaron Gibson on Bass Guitar and Vocals Nahuel Bronzini - String Arrangements, String Recording and Production Violin - Abigail Shiman Violin - Kashi Elliot Viola - Luis Bellorín Cello - Helen Newby *********************************** Said No Lover - Lyrics Oh, good lord Every year seem harder Oh, good lord I can’t wish it away My sons and my daughters My sons and my daughters Oh, daddy when will you come home Over... Let this be over Just let this be over So soon I’ve crossed this country five times in a year And I’ve have no driving songs Lately I’ve been fueled by sorrow And I’ve been alone too long You set out to make gardens And all sorts of beauty came up from the ground You made us all see for once that piss can be colors that you wear around And a buzz arose in Georgia But the living could not be found I set out, and I drove through Tennessee Mile after mile I am saddened But Missouri loves company And I made it to the border Of Wyoming for lukewarm tea Now I’m so far from home These coastal sunsets become so dull Now I’m so far from being young anymore And those sandhill cranes seemed more solemn then before Love can wait, said no lover ever Oh, honey when will you come home Love can wait, said no lover ever Said no lover ever No lover ever No lover ever A little bit of this Claptrap is art But I can’t tell which So I guess I’ll just throw it away come back and do it over
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